Satonekoto goes to L.A.


AX official introduction video


“Lemon & Sugar”, created by Lemona Design has hit Japan by storm with their 4-koma mangas, cute merchandise, signature Lemon Candies and huge Deco-Bento fan base. Lemon is a cute little girl who loves to be in love. As the world’s first Lemon Ambassador, she spends her days spreading LOVE and LEMON with her best friend Sugar. He’s fluffy and snuggly and full of fun surprises. Sugar is very much in love with Lemon, so everything he does, he does it all for her from the goodness of his heart! Come and join the exciting adventures of Lemon & Sugar- sometimes sweet and sometimes sour!





























 I felt secured, being able to meet friends. Because I was worrying whether I could get together with them here with no problems, since before departing Tokyo.




Application of AX is here



Lemon&Sugar booth!








They had many kinds of bread, fruits, plates of eggs, porridge, etc.
I feel I ate them too much. 






Satonekoto goes to L.A.1 end












Lemon&Sugar participated in the tape cut ceremony


















Lemon & Sugar on stage
Two of the very interesting moderators

Lemon&Sugar’s song
When life gives you lemons, make lemonade!
























Satonekoto goes to L.A.2 end





























Satonekoto goes to L.A.3 end




































English translation Special thanks to Kax!